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Soups and Starters

Popcorn Soup

6 | 20 Minutes

Bored of having regular soup? Try this very unusual combination of soup and pop corn which is super hit and one of its kind. It will surely become kids favourite and raise eye brows of all the guests at home. Also the pop corn used for garnishing this soup gives the soup a great mouth feel.

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Baked Bean Soup

6 | 30 Minutes

My kids love beans but they don't like soup,so this recipe is my attempt to make them have a soup with an ingredient of their choice. This simple Mexican style beans soup is a meal in itself. Make this on days when you feel like eating light.

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Broccoli Soup

6 | 20 Minutes

Broccoli is not very popular among my children but it is a powerhouse of nutrition, so I always find a way to disguise them for my kids to eat. This rich and creamy broccoli soup recipe does go down well with my kids. Its not only quick but also does not require too many ingredients. Serve it with a bread sticks and a dollop of butter on the side.

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Hara Bhara Kebab

0 | 35 Minutes

The one kebab recipe that everybody loves !

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Kung Pao Potatoes

6 | 35 Minutes

Kung Pao also called as Kung Po is a popular dish of the Sichuan cuisine, often made using chicken. Try this spicy vegetarian version made using potatoes, peanuts, vegetables and chilies. Makes for a perfect party starter !

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Sweet Corn Chowder

6 | 25 Minutes | 110 kCal

An ideal comforting recipe for cold winter days. Enjoy this soup with crunchy bread sticks and a dollop of butter on the side.

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Spinach Soup

6 | 20 Minutes | 67 kCal

A ridiculously easy and delicious spinach soup recipe is a must try even if you hate that green. It is lightly flavored using nutmeg to give it that edge. Savour it on a cold winter day.

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Honey Chilli Crispy Babycorn

6 | 25 Minutes

As the name suggests this recipe is crispy, has babycorn and chilies with a hot-sweet flavour to it. This indo-chinese started recipe does not really have any gravy just enough sauce to coat the veggies. Makes for a perfect party starter.

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