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Salads and Raitas

Minty Curd Dip

10 | 20 Minutes

Super quick and easy to make curd based dip! Serve with chips or use as salad dressing.

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Bulgar Wheat Salad

0 | 35 Minutes | 103 kCal

A wholesome salad recipe with a perfect combination of cereals and pulses. A healthy treat !

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Cabbage and Bean Salad

6 | 15 Minutes | 106 kCal

A gorgeous salad recipe made using crunchy vegetable and kidney beans packs 8 gms of protein in each serving. Its ideal for days when you want to ditch a regular meal for a light low carb dinner.

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Russian Deluxe Salad

6 | 15 Minutes

This cold salad is easy and very tempting. The cheedar cheese in the salad makes it totally irresistable and the various vegetables used in the salad salad gives a great mouth feel.

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Mexican Style Bean Salad

6 | 15 Minutes

I personally dislike salads but this recipe changes my perspective about them. Its wholesome yet tasty with the slightly spicy and tangy Mexican style dressing and the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fibre.

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Vinaigrette Dressing

6 | 5 Minutes | 107 kCal

If you love salads then this quick dressing is a must try. 5 simple ingredients is what you require to whip up this dressing. Plus you can always customize the seasoning to make it suit your palette.

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Green Salad

0 | 10 Minutes

This recipe is a very beneficial for the people on weight management protocol. It can be beneficial for diabetic and hypertensive patients as well and is also very nutritious for growing kids and teenagers and women during pregnancy.

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Paneer and Veggie Salad

6 | 5 Minutes

If you are somebody who likes to watch their weight. Then gorge on this vibrant and delicious salad made using the perfect combination of protein rich paneer and vegetables. The simple dressing with a little garlic and chili flakes gives a necessary spike to this salad. Easy to make and refreshing to eat.

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Palak Raita

6 | 15 Minutes | 60 kCal

If you are bored of typical raita recipes, try our recipe of palak raita. Made using spinach and tempered using spices to give it a unique flavor. This refreshing recipe makes for a perfect match with a pulao or a biryani.

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