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Easy Nachos Dip

7 | 0 Minutes

Its a cheat sheet to make instant nachos dip. Can't figure out what to serve to your guest who surprised you than this is your ideal recipe.

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Baked Bean Soup

6 | 30 Minutes

My kids love beans but they don't like soup,so this recipe is my attempt to make them have a soup with an ingredient of their choice. This simple Mexican style beans soup is a meal in itself. Make this on days when you feel like eating light.

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Hot Salsa

5 | 20 Minutes | 15 kCal

There are a lot of ready made salsa sauces available outside, but nothing can compare to a homemade fresh, chunky hot salsa. So spice up your Mexican menu with this spicy hot salsa recipe and go on a chip dipping spree.

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Cabbage and Bean Salad

6 | 15 Minutes | 106 kCal

A gorgeous salad recipe made using crunchy vegetable and kidney beans packs 8 gms of protein in each serving. Its ideal for days when you want to ditch a regular meal for a light low carb dinner.

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Mexican Style Bean Salad

6 | 15 Minutes

I personally dislike salads but this recipe changes my perspective about them. Its wholesome yet tasty with the slightly spicy and tangy Mexican style dressing and the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fibre.

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6 | 10 Minutes | 47 kCal

Super easy and quick Mexican style dip that is full of flavor and heart healthy too. Made using juicy and ripe avocados this is a perfect dip to be had with chips or to be used as a topping. Its best to make it fresh.

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