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Main Course

Aloo paratha

7 | 40 Minutes

A popular breakfast favourite consumed in the Northern parts of India.

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Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

0 | 45 Minutes

A lip-smacking one-pot rice dish with the flaours of Hyderabad.

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Spinach Avocado Pasta

0 | 20 Minutes

This is easy, creamy and healthy way to have your favorite pasta without any guilt. Since avocado is itself very creamy, this recipe doesn’t require even a drop of oil or cheese and still the result is creamy and tasty pasta. This is a good way to give all the nutrients of spinach and avocado to your kids.

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Penne Paprika Pasta

6 | 30 Minutes

Tired of making the same red and white sauce for pasta, its time for a change. Cream, cheese and white wine spiked with a little paprika powder makes for a delightful pasta recipe to break that boring pasta routine..

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Coconut Rice

6 | 15 Minutes

Coconut rice also called an Thengai Sadam is a mildy flavoured South Indian style rice preparation. It is often made on occasions and festivals. Serve it with curd, vegetable stew or a curry with papad on the side.

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6 | 20 Minutes | 139 kCal

Bhaidku is Guajarati word for spicy porridge. It can be made with many different grains. Bajri bhaidku is the most popular though. Its a perfect recipe for anybody who is pregnant or lactating or looking for a light meal.

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Paneer Muttar Biryani - Dum Style

0 | 35 Minutes

The quickest biryani recipe on planet earth ! Made using simple ingreidents like paneer, muttar, curd, spices and flavoured rice it makes a perfect treat for biryani lovers !

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Stuffed Gur Ki Roti

6 | 35 Minutes

A traditional North Indian recipe made on the occassion of Holi.

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American Chopsuey

6 | 35 Minutes

American Chopsuey is a delightful preparation of noodles and vegetables in a indo-chinese style tangy sauce garnished with fried noodles. Serve it as a side dish in your chinese menu or have it all by itself for a light lunch or dinner.

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Hot Noodle Wok

6 | 25 Minutes | 257 kCal

A one meal dish made using noodles, vegetables and flavored with tamarind, soy sauce, chili and lemon juice. This chinese style tangy dish is perfect for those cold winter nights.

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Tawa Pulao

4 | 25 Minutes

A spicy and tangy rice recipe popularly available at all your favourite fast food joints.

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Fried Bitter Gourd with Mango

7 | 35 Minutes

A unique recipe that uses two very different ingredients - Mango and Bitter Gourd together !

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Egg Fried Rice

6 | 30 Minutes

This Indo-chinese recipe is perfect wholesome and nutritious dish with a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fibre. Make it using leftover rice, or it can also be prepared within 30 minutes if you make it from scratch. Its good to go on its own, but if you like have a bowl of soup or serve it also with a started as a part of your chinese menu.

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Kesar Bhaath

6 | 40 Minutes

Enjoy this traditional Bengali recipe of rice, flavored with the rich taste of saffron and sweetness of the dry fruits. It is often enjoyed with Machar Jhol.

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Curd Rice

6 | 25 Minutes | 200 kCal

Curd rice also popularly known as Thayir Saadam is a popular South Indian favorite. Made using minimal ingredients, its not only quick to make but also a perfect meal for days when you prefer to eat light. Serve it with papad and pickle on the side.

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