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Tofu and Vegetable Burger

6 | 20 Minutes | 300 kCal

A perfect healthy alternative for an all time fast food favorite. The shallow fried patty made using tofu and vegetable is beautifully sandwiched between a whole wheat burger bun. The cheese is missing, but we guarantee you won't miss it.

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Zucchini and Mushroom Sandwich

6 | 20 Minutes | 211 kCal

Give your regular sandwich a twist by using zucchini and mushrooms for the stuffing. The cottage cheese in this recipe just up's the nutrition quotient of this recipe. Try this on days when you are bored of the ordinary. A glass of chilled lemonade makes for perfect accompaniments.

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All American Sandwich

6 | 20 Minutes

Unusual ingredients like pineapple, lettuce, capsicum, mayonnaise and cheese make for this delicious sandwich. Try on days when you are willing to try something different.

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Egg and Vegetable Sandwich

6 | 20 Minutes

Give your breakfast a healthy twist with this easy and wholesome egg and vegetable sandwich recipe. Eggs not only make for a good quality protein but also give you Choline and Vitamin B to boost your energy levels and brain power.

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