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Minty Curd Dip

10 | 20 Minutes

Super quick and easy to make curd based dip! Serve with chips or use as salad dressing.

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Basic Pizza Sauce

0 | 20 Minutes

Why buy a pizza sauce when you can make one at home in less than 30 minutes. Here is my simple,easy and quick recipe to make a delicious basic pizza sauce.

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Guava Smoothie

6 | 15 Minutes

Ready in a jiffy, this sumptuous drink can be enjoyed any time you have guava juice and coconut milk on hand. Both guava juice and coconut milk have a creamy mouth feel, which makes the Guava Smoothie a luxurious sip !

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Chouki Dal

6 | 40 Minutes

If you love the flavour of garlic you will definitely love this recipe. Its a traditional dish of the Jaiswal community that I often make for my family.

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Instant Vermicelli Dhokla

10 | 15 Minutes

A must try instant dhokla recipe! Made of vermicelli, it's a perfect breakfast/snacks recipe!

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