Nirali Tanna

Nutritionist | 4 Years | Ghatkopar, Mumbai

Beetroot Poriyal

6 | 15 Minutes

A Tamil Nadu specialty,its a simple vegetable stir fry garnished with coconut. Served best with phulkas or sambhar and rice on the side.

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Oats Upma

6 | 20 Minutes

A traditional South Indian breakfast favorite made with the goodness of heart healthy oats. The variety of vegetables added to it provide the dish the necessary crunch and texture. Enjoy this heart warming recipe with your cup of morning tea.

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Cabbage and Bean Salad

6 | 15 Minutes | 106 kCal

A gorgeous salad recipe made using crunchy vegetable and kidney beans packs 8 gms of protein in each serving. Its ideal for days when you want to ditch a regular meal for a light low carb dinner.

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Dry Fruit Rawa Sheera

6 | 20 Minutes | 235 kCal

Rawa sheera is a commonly made dessert in households on various pious occasions. Here is a regular rawa sheera recipe enriched with the goodness of dry fruits. Its not only delicious but also easy to make.

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Vinaigrette Dressing

6 | 5 Minutes | 107 kCal

If you love salads then this quick dressing is a must try. 5 simple ingredients is what you require to whip up this dressing. Plus you can always customize the seasoning to make it suit your palette.

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Palak Raita

6 | 15 Minutes | 60 kCal

If you are bored of typical raita recipes, try our recipe of palak raita. Made using spinach and tempered using spices to give it a unique flavor. This refreshing recipe makes for a perfect match with a pulao or a biryani.

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Green Chutney

6 | 5 Minutes | 23 kCal

A versatile accompaniment that can be used in various chaat recipes like bhel, sev puri, ragda pattice etc or served as an accompaniment with vadas or bhajias. It stays fresh for 2 - 3 days so make it in advance and refrigerate it.

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Sweet Corn Chowder

6 | 25 Minutes | 110 kCal

An ideal comforting recipe for cold winter days. Enjoy this soup with crunchy bread sticks and a dollop of butter on the side.

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Vanilla Cupcake

6 | 40 Minutes

These bite sized individual desserts cook much quicker than larger cakes and have become the delight of dieters who don't want to overindulge on their cheat day. Enjoy this simple recipe of vanilla cupcake. You can always add a topping of your choice to it.

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Hot Noodle Wok

6 | 25 Minutes | 257 kCal

A one meal dish made using noodles, vegetables and flavored with tamarind, soy sauce, chili and lemon juice. This chinese style tangy dish is perfect for those cold winter nights.

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Zucchini and Mushroom Sandwich

6 | 20 Minutes | 211 kCal

Give your regular sandwich a twist by using zucchini and mushrooms for the stuffing. The cottage cheese in this recipe just up's the nutrition quotient of this recipe. Try this on days when you are bored of the ordinary. A glass of chilled lemonade makes for perfect accompaniments.

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Tofu and Capsicum Toast

6 | 15 Minutes | 278 kCal

A wholesome snack with a perfect blend or protein, calcium, fibre and carbohydrates. Makes for a great tea time or a breakfast snack, plus its only 278 kcal for 2 slices of toast. Combine it with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

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6 | 10 Minutes | 47 kCal

Super easy and quick Mexican style dip that is full of flavor and heart healthy too. Made using juicy and ripe avocados this is a perfect dip to be had with chips or to be used as a topping. Its best to make it fresh.

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Palak Dal

6 | 42 Minutes | 120 kCal

Give a healthy twist to your regular dal recipe by adding palak to it. Palak not only adds to the flavor and texture but also adds the nutrition quotient of the dish. Try this simple recipe instead of a regular dal or sabzi.

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6 | 25 Minutes | 94 kCal

A traditional recipe of eggs made the Parsi way. Its the ingredients of the Akuri that makes it different from a regular egg bhurji. Combine this spicy egg dish with a slice of multigrain bread of hot chapatis. Makes for a great wholesome breakfast option !

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