Kirti Thatte

Nutritionist | 1 Years | Ghatkopar, Mumbai

Idli Manchurian

0 | 30 Minutes

Idli Manchurian is a popular Indo-Chinese dish, and made several different ways. It is a super delicious appetizer and makes a delicious lunch box meal for kids. This recipe will definitely satisfy your savory and spicy cravings!!!

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Oats Chilla

0 | 25 Minutes

Oats chilla is a quick and easy to cook recipe for beginners at home. It makes a good evening snack and is healthy for teenagers and kids. Enjoy this deliciously yummy snack!!!

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Mango Delight

0 | 10 Minutes

Its quick, easy, refreshing and has mango in it. Thats reason enough for you to try this summer special recipe !!!

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Green Salad

0 | 10 Minutes

This recipe is a very beneficial for the people on weight management protocol. It can be beneficial for diabetic and hypertensive patients as well and is also very nutritious for growing kids and teenagers and women during pregnancy.

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