Jasmine Saluja

Blogger | 1 Years | Ranjhi, Jabalpur

Maggi Kababs

7 | 20 Minutes

Try this new and innovative Maggi kebabs from Jasmine Saluja and do let us know how is the recipe is...

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Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

0 | 45 Minutes

A lip-smacking one-pot rice dish with the flaours of Hyderabad.

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Vanilla Tutti Fruti Cake

0 | 55 Minutes

A yummy version of the vanilla cake with colourful tutti fruti inside. Its a perfect homemade treat for children !

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Veggie Loaded Pizza

8 | 90 Minutes

This is a simple recipe to make a veggie pizza. So don't waste your time time and try this at home to enjoy a wonderful pizza time with your family.

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Hara Bhara Kebab

0 | 35 Minutes

The one kebab recipe that everybody loves !

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Gujarati Khandvi

6 | 40 Minutes

Soft gram flour rolls that are spiced and tempered. This melt in mouth recipe is a favourite Gujarati snack.

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