Grishma Doshi

Foodie | 0 Years | Kandivali , Mumbai

Aloo paratha

7 | 40 Minutes

A popular breakfast favourite consumed in the Northern parts of India.

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Spinach and Cheesy Samosa

6 | 30 Minutes

A yummy cheesy samosa that appeals to both desi and exotic food lovers. A a very sinful way of incorporating greens in your diet. The Spinach and Cheese Samosas are simply wow and will be finished within minutes of serving!

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Guava Smoothie

6 | 15 Minutes

Ready in a jiffy, this sumptuous drink can be enjoyed any time you have guava juice and coconut milk on hand. Both guava juice and coconut milk have a creamy mouth feel, which makes the Guava Smoothie a luxurious sip !

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Sabudana wada

6 | 50 Minutes

Sabudana Wada is a very easy and delicious recipe especially during the fasting period. A perfect treat during fasting days!

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Chocolate walnut barfi

6 | 75 Minutes

A perfect chocolate treat for Indian sweet lovers. Taste and nutrition at its best. Walnuts being a rich source of omega-3 helps fight against inflammation.

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