List of PepperTikkans

PepperTikka is a digital place where all the foodies can search for their perfect ideas or recipes shared by PepperTikkans. We have tried to make the content as appropriate as it can be. The list of all the PepperTikkans are as follows.

Nirali Tanna

@niralitanna | Map My Meals

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Jasmine Saluja

@jasminesaluja | Baked Desserts

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Shilpi Singhal

@shilpisinghal | Home Chef

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Grishma Doshi

@GrishmaDoshi | Food Nutrition and Dietetics

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Deepti Jaiswal

@deeptijaiswal | The Jaiswal Food

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Ishan Shah

@ishanshah | Simple, Short Recipes

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Kirti Thatte

@kirti-thatte | Nutritionist, Maharashtrian Delight

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Saloni Shah

@saloni_shah | Diabetic Friendly Food

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The Jain Rasoi

@thejainrasoi | Yummy Jain (no onion/garlic/onion) recipes! All recipes are tried and tasted!

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Kajol Modi

@kajolmodi | Food Nutrition and Dietitics

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